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4.4 Options functions

Data type: void * stp_option_t

This is an opaque data type, whose structure is not visible to the user.

Function: void stp_set_option(stp_vars_t v, const char *name, const char *data, int bytes)
Function: void stp_clear_option (stp_vars_t v, const char *name)
Function: void stp_clear_all_options (stp_vars_t v)
Function: size_t stp_option_count (const stp_vars_t v)
Function: const stp_option_t stp_get_option_by_index (const stp_vars_t v, size_t idx)
Function: const stp_option_t stp_get_option_by_name (const stp_vars_t v, const char *name)
Function: const char * stp_option_data (const stp_option_t option)

Note: not null delimited!

Function: const char * stp_option_name (const stp_option_t option)
Function: size_t stp_option_length (const stp_option_t option)

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