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9.3.3 Message selection

  [-N sourcefile]... [-M domainname]...
  [-J msgctxt-pattern] [-K msgid-pattern] [-T msgstr-pattern]
  [-C comment-pattern]

A message is selected if

When more than one selection criterion is specified, the set of selected messages is the union of the selected messages of each criterion.

msgctxt-pattern or msgid-pattern or msgstr-pattern syntax:

  [-E | -F] [-e pattern | -f file]...

patterns are basic regular expressions by default, or extended regular expressions if -E is given, or fixed strings if -F is given.

-N sourcefile

Select messages extracted from sourcefile. sourcefile can be either a literal file name or a wildcard pattern.

-M domainname

Select messages belonging to domain domainname.


Start of patterns for the msgctxt.


Start of patterns for the msgid.


Start of patterns for the msgstr.


Start of patterns for the translator’s comment.


Start of patterns for the extracted comments.


Specify that pattern is an extended regular expression.


Specify that pattern is a set of newline-separated strings.

-e pattern

Use pattern as a regular expression.

-f file

Obtain pattern from file.


Ignore case distinctions.


Output only the messages that do not match any selection criterion, instead of the messages that match a selection criterion.

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