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20 Examine and modify a GDBM database.

The gdbmtool utility allows you to view and modify an existing GDBM database or to create a new one.

When invoked without arguments, it tries to open a database file called ‘junk.gdbm’, located in the current working directory. You can change this default by supplying the name of the database to use as an argument to the program, e.g.:

$ gdbmtool file.db

The database will be opened in read-write mode, unless the ‘-r’ (‘--read-only’) option is specified, in which case it will be opened only for reading.

If the database does not exist, gdbmtool will create it. There is a special option ‘-n’ (‘--newdb’, which instructs the utility to create a new database. If it is used and if the database already exists, it will be deleted, so use it sparingly.

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