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Index: U – Z

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u (SingleKey TUI key)22.3 TUI Single Key Mode
u (until)5.2 Continuing and Stepping
UDP port, target remote17.1 Connecting to a Remote Target
undisplay8.6 Automatic Display
unions in structures, printing8.7 Print Settings
unknown address, locating8.4 Output Formats
unlink, file-i/o system callunlink
unlinked object files15.1 Commands to Specify Files
unload symbols from shared libraries15.1 Commands to Specify Files
unmap an overlay11.2 Overlay Commands
unmapped overlays11.1 How Overlays Work
unset environment4.4 Your Program's Environment
unset substitute-path7.4 Specifying Source Directories
unset tdesc filenameF.1 Retrieving Descriptions
unsupported languages12.5 Unsupported Languages
until5.2 Continuing and Stepping
unwind stack in called functions14.5 Calling Program Functions
Up22.2 TUI Key Bindings
up6.3 Selecting a Frame
up-silently6.3 Selecting a Frame
update22.4 TUI-specific Commands
upload, M32R18.3.2 Renesas M32R/D and M32R/SDI
use only software watchpoints5.1.2 Setting Watchpoints
use_dbt_break18.3.2 Renesas M32R/D and M32R/SDI
use_debug_dma18.3.2 Renesas M32R/D and M32R/SDI
use_ib_break18.3.2 Renesas M32R/D and M32R/SDI
use_mon_code18.3.2 Renesas M32R/D and M32R/SDI
user-defined command20.1 User-defined Commands
user-defined macros9. C Preprocessor Macros
user-defined variables8.9 Convenience Variables

v (SingleKey TUI key)22.3 TUI Single Key Mode
value history8.8 Value History
value optimized out, in backtrace6.2 Backtraces
variable name conflict8.2 Program Variables
variable object debugging info19.8 Optional Messages about Internal Happenings
variable objects in GDB/MIIntroduction to Variable Objects
variable values, wrong8.2 Program Variables
variables, setting14.1 Assignment to Variables
vCont’ packetD.2 Packets
vCont?’ packetD.2 Packets
vector unit8.12 Vector Unit
vector, auxiliary8.13 Operating System Auxiliary Information
verbose operation19.7 Optional Warnings and Messages
verify remote memory image8.5 Examining Memory
vFlashDone’ packetD.2 Packets
vFlashErase’ packetD.2 Packets
vFlashWrite’ packetD.2 Packets
virtual functions (C++) display8.7 Print Settings
VTBL display8.7 Print Settings
VxWorks18.2.1 Using No value for GDBN with VxWorks
vxworks-timeout18.2.1 Using No value for GDBN with VxWorks

w (SingleKey TUI key)22.3 TUI Single Key Mode
watch5.1.2 Setting Watchpoints
watchdog timerC. Maintenance Commands
watchpoint annotation25.6 Running the Program
watchpoints5.1 Breakpoints, Watchpoints, and Catchpoints
watchpoints and threads5.1.2 Setting Watchpoints
weak alias functions14.5 Calling Program Functions
whatis13. Examining the Symbol Table
where6.2 Backtraces
where to look for shared libraries15.1 Commands to Specify Files
while20.3 Command Files
while-stepping (tracepoints)10.1.4 Tracepoint Action Lists
wild pointer, interpreting8.7 Print Settings
winheight22.4 TUI-specific Commands
word completion3.2 Command Completion
working directory7.4 Specifying Source Directories
working directory (of your program)4.5 Your Program's Working Directory
working language12. Using No value for GDBN with Different Languages
write data into object, remote requestD.4 General Query Packets
write, file-i/o system callwrite
writing into corefiles14.6 Patching Programs
writing into executables14.6 Patching Programs
wrong values8.2 Program Variables

x (examine memory)8.5 Examining Memory
x command, default address7.5 Source and Machine Code
X’ packetD.2 Packets
x(examine), and info line7.5 Source and Machine Code
x86 hardware debug registersC. Maintenance Commands
XIncludeF.2.1 Inclusion
XML parser debugging19.8 Optional Messages about Internal Happenings

z’ packetD.2 Packets
Z’ packetsD.2 Packets
z0’ packetD.2 Packets
Z0’ packetD.2 Packets
Z1’ packetD.2 Packets
z1’ packetD.2 Packets
z2’ packetD.2 Packets
Z2’ packetD.2 Packets
Z3’ packetD.2 Packets
z3’ packetD.2 Packets
z4’ packetD.2 Packets
Z4’ packetD.2 Packets
Z800018.3.10 Zilog Z8000
Zilog Z8000 simulator18.3.10 Zilog Z8000

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