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How to Contribute

As the maintainer of GNU awk, I once thought that I would be able to manage a collection of publicly available awk programs and I even solicited contributions. Making things available on the Internet helps keep the gawk distribution down to manageable size.

The initial collection of material, such as it is, is still available at In the hopes of doing something more broad, I acquired the domain.

However, I found that I could not dedicate enough time to managing contributed code: the archive did not grow and the domain went unused for several years.

Fortunately, late in 2008, a volunteer took on the task of setting up an awk-related web site——and did a very nice job.

If you have written an interesting awk program, or have written a gawk extension that you would like to share with the rest of the world, please see for how to contribute it to the web site.

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