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gawk: Updating ERRNO

 16.4.7 Updating 'ERRNO'
 The following functions allow you to update the 'ERRNO' variable:
 'void update_ERRNO_int(int errno_val);'
      Set 'ERRNO' to the string equivalent of the error code in
      'errno_val'.  The value should be one of the defined error codes in
      '<errno.h>', and 'gawk' turns it into a (possibly translated)
      string using the C 'strerror()' function.
 'void update_ERRNO_string(const char *string);'
      Set 'ERRNO' directly to the string value of 'ERRNO'.  'gawk' makes
      a copy of the value of 'string'.
 'void unset_ERRNO(void);'
      Unset 'ERRNO'.
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