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gawk: Scalar Constants Numeric and String Constants
 A "numeric constant" stands for a number.  This number can be an
 integer, a decimal fraction, or a number in scientific (exponential)
 notation.(1)  Here are some examples of numeric constants that all have
 the same value:
    A "string constant" consists of a sequence of characters enclosed in
 double quotation marks.  For example:
 represents the string whose contents are 'parrot'.  Strings in 'gawk'
 can be of any length, and they can contain any of the possible eight-bit
 ASCII characters, including ASCII NUL (character code zero).  Other
 'awk' implementations may have difficulty with some character codes.
    ---------- Footnotes ----------
    (1) The internal representation of all numbers, including integers,
 uses double-precision floating-point numbers.  On most modern systems,
 these are in IEEE 754 standard format.  ⇒Arbitrary Precision
 Arithmetic, for much more information.
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