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gawk: POSIX

 A.3 Changes Between SVR4 and POSIX 'awk'
 The POSIX Command Language and Utilities standard for 'awk' (1992)
 introduced the following changes into the language:
    * The use of 'CONVFMT' for controlling the conversion of numbers to
      strings (⇒Conversion)
    * The concept of a numeric string and tighter comparison rules to go
      with it (⇒Typing and Comparison)
    * The use of predefined variables as function parameter names is
      forbidden (⇒Definition Syntax)
    * More complete documentation of many of the previously undocumented
      features of the language
    In 2012, a number of extensions that had been commonly available for
 many years were finally added to POSIX. They are:
    * The 'fflush()' built-in function for flushing buffered output
      (⇒I/O Functions)
    * The 'nextfile' statement (⇒Nextfile Statement)
    * The ability to delete all of an array at once with 'delete ARRAY'
    ⇒Common Extensions for a list of common extensions not
 permitted by the POSIX standard.
    The 2008 POSIX standard can be found online at
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