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gawk: PC Compiling

 B.3.1.2 Compiling 'gawk' for PC Operating Systems
 'gawk' can be compiled for Windows32 using MinGW (Windows32).  The file
 'README_d/README.pc' in the 'gawk' distribution contains additional
 notes, and 'pc/Makefile' contains important information on compilation
    To build 'gawk' for Windows32, copy the files in the 'pc' directory
 (_except_ for 'ChangeLog') to the directory with the rest of the 'gawk'
 sources, then invoke 'make' with the appropriate target name as an
 argument to build 'gawk'.  The 'Makefile' copied from the 'pc' directory
 contains a configuration section with comments and may need to be edited
 in order to work with your 'make' utility.
    The 'Makefile' supports a number of targets for building various
 MS-DOS and Windows32 versions.  A list of targets is printed if the
 'make' command is given without a target.  As an example, to build a
 native MS-Windows binary of 'gawk' using the MinGW tools, type 'make
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