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gawk: Output Summary

 5.11 Summary
    * The 'print' statement prints comma-separated expressions.  Each
      expression is separated by the value of 'OFS' and terminated by the
      value of 'ORS'.  'OFMT' provides the conversion format for numeric
      values for the 'print' statement.
    * The 'printf' statement provides finer-grained control over output,
      with format-control letters for different data types and various
      flags that modify the behavior of the format-control letters.
    * Output from both 'print' and 'printf' may be redirected to files,
      pipes, and coprocesses.
    * 'gawk' provides special file names for access to standard input,
      output, and error, and for network communications.
    * Use 'close()' to close open file, pipe, and coprocess redirections.
      For coprocesses, it is possible to close only one direction of the
    * Normally errors with 'print' or 'printf' are fatal.  'gawk' lets
      you make output errors be nonfatal either for all files or on a
      per-file basis.  You must then check for errors after every
      relevant output statement.
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