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gawk: Other Features

 1.7 Other Features of 'awk'
 The 'awk' language provides a number of predefined, or "built-in",
 variables that your programs can use to get information from 'awk'.
 There are other variables your program can set as well to control how
 'awk' processes your data.
    In addition, 'awk' provides a number of built-in functions for doing
 common computational and string-related operations.  'gawk' provides
 built-in functions for working with timestamps, performing bit
 manipulation, for runtime string translation (internationalization),
 determining the type of a variable, and array sorting.
    As we develop our presentation of the 'awk' language, we will
 introduce most of the variables and many of the functions.  They are
DONTPRINTYET  described systematically in ⇒Built-in Variables and in *noteDONTPRINTYET  described systematically in ⇒Built-in Variables and in ⇒
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