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gawk: Numeric Array Subscripts

 8.2 Using Numbers to Subscript Arrays
 An important aspect to remember about arrays is that _array subscripts
 are always strings_.  When a numeric value is used as a subscript, it is
 converted to a string value before being used for subscripting (⇒
 Conversion).  This means that the value of the predefined variable
 'CONVFMT' can affect how your program accesses elements of an array.
 For example:
      xyz = 12.153
      data[xyz] = 1
      CONVFMT = "%2.2f"
      if (xyz in data)
          printf "%s is in data\n", xyz
          printf "%s is not in data\n", xyz
 This prints '12.15 is not in data'.  The first statement gives 'xyz' a
 numeric value.  Assigning to 'data[xyz]' subscripts 'data' with the
 string value '"12.153"' (using the default conversion value of
 'CONVFMT', '"%.6g"').  Thus, the array element 'data["12.153"]' is
 assigned the value one.  The program then changes the value of
 'CONVFMT'.  The test '(xyz in data)' generates a new string value from
 'xyz'--this time '"12.15"'--because the value of 'CONVFMT' only allows
 two significant digits.  This test fails, because '"12.15"' is different
 from '"12.153"'.
    According to the rules for conversions (⇒Conversion), integer
 values always convert to strings as integers, no matter what the value
 of 'CONVFMT' may happen to be.  So the usual case of the following
      for (i = 1; i <= maxsub; i++)
          do something with array[i]
    The "integer values always convert to strings as integers" rule has
 an additional consequence for array indexing.  Octal and hexadecimal
 constants (⇒Nondecimal-numbers) are converted internally into
 numbers, and their original form is forgotten.  This means, for example,
 that 'array[17]', 'array[021]', and 'array[0x11]' all refer to the same
    As with many things in 'awk', the majority of the time things work as
 you would expect them to.  But it is useful to have a precise knowledge
 of the actual rules, as they can sometimes have a subtle effect on your
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