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gawk: Naming Standard Input

 2.4 Naming Standard Input
 Often, you may wish to read standard input together with other files.
 For example, you may wish to read one file, read standard input coming
 from a pipe, and then read another file.
    The way to name the standard input, with all versions of 'awk', is to
 use a single, standalone minus sign or dash, '-'.  For example:
      SOME_COMMAND | awk -f myprog.awk file1 - file2
 Here, 'awk' first reads 'file1', then it reads the output of
 SOME_COMMAND, and finally it reads 'file2'.
    You may also use '"-"' to name standard input when reading files with
 'getline' (⇒Getline/File).
    In addition, 'gawk' allows you to specify the special file name
 '/dev/stdin', both on the command line and with 'getline'.  Some other
 versions of 'awk' also support this, but it is not standard.  (Some
 operating systems provide a '/dev/stdin' file in the filesystem;
 however, 'gawk' always processes this file name itself.)
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