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gawk: Library Functions Summary

 10.8 Summary
    * Reading programs is an excellent way to learn Good Programming.
      The functions and programs provided in this major node and the next
      are intended to serve that purpose.
    * When writing general-purpose library functions, put some thought
      into how to name any global variables so that they won't conflict
      with variables from a user's program.
    * The functions presented here fit into the following categories:
      General problems
           Number-to-string conversion, testing assertions, rounding,
           random number generation, converting characters to numbers,
           joining strings, getting easily usable time-of-day
           information, and reading a whole file in one shot
      Managing data files
           Noting data file boundaries, rereading the current file,
           checking for readable files, checking for zero-length files,
           and treating assignments as file names
      Processing command-line options
           An 'awk' version of the standard C 'getopt()' function
      Reading the user and group databases
           Two sets of routines that parallel the C library versions
      Traversing arrays of arrays
           Two functions that traverse an array of arrays to any depth
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