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gawk: Intro Summary

 1.9 Summary
    * Programs in 'awk' consist of PATTERN-ACTION pairs.
    * An ACTION without a PATTERN always runs.  The default ACTION for a
      pattern without one is '{ print $0 }'.
    * Use either 'awk 'PROGRAM' FILES' or 'awk -f PROGRAM-FILE FILES' to
      run 'awk'.
    * You may use the special '#!' header line to create 'awk' programs
      that are directly executable.
    * Comments in 'awk' programs start with '#' and continue to the end
      of the same line.
    * Be aware of quoting issues when writing 'awk' programs as part of a
      larger shell script (or MS-Windows batch file).
    * You may use backslash continuation to continue a source line.
      Lines are automatically continued after a comma, open brace,
      question mark, colon, '||', '&&', 'do', and 'else'.
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