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gawk: Installation summary

 B.6 Summary
    * The 'gawk' distribution is available from the GNU Project's main
      distribution site, ''.  The canonical build recipe is:
           tar -xvpzf gawk-4.2.0.tar.gz
           cd gawk-4.2.0
           ./configure && make && make check
           NOTE: Because of the 'https://' URL, you may have to supply
           the '--no-check-certificate' option to 'wget' to download the
    * 'gawk' may be built on non-POSIX systems as well.  The currently
      supported systems are MS-Windows using MSYS, DJGPP, MinGW, and
      Cygwin, and both Vax/VMS and OpenVMS. Instructions for each system
      are included in this major node.
    * Bug reports should be sent via email to <>.  Bug
      reports should be in English and should include the version of
      'gawk', how it was compiled, and a short program and data file that
      demonstrate the problem.
    * There are a number of other freely available 'awk' implementations.
      Many are POSIX-compliant; others are less so.
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