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gawk: Implementation Limitations

 C.4 Some Limitations of the Implementation
 This following table describes limits of 'gawk' on a Unix-like system
 (although it is variable even then).  Other systems may have different
 Item                          Limit
 Characters in a character     2^(number of bits per byte)
 Length of input record        'MAX_INT'
 Length of output record       Unlimited
 Length of source line         Unlimited
 Number of fields in a         'MAX_LONG'
 Number of file redirections   Unlimited
 Number of input records in    'MAX_LONG'
 one file
 Number of input records       'MAX_LONG'
 Number of pipe redirections   min(number of processes per user, number
                               of open files)
 Numeric values                Double-precision floating point (if not
                               using MPFR)
 Size of a field               'MAX_INT'
 Size of a literal string      'MAX_INT'
 Size of a printf string       'MAX_INT'
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