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gawk: I18N Summary

 13.7 Summary
    * Internationalization means writing a program such that it can use
      multiple languages without requiring source code changes.
      Localization means providing the data necessary for an
      internationalized program to work in a particular language.
    * 'gawk' uses GNU 'gettext' to let you internationalize and localize
      'awk' programs.  A program's text domain identifies the program for
      grouping all messages and other data together.
    * You mark a program's strings for translation by preceding them with
      an underscore.  Once that is done, the strings are extracted into a
      '.pot' file.  This file is copied for each language into a '.po'
      file, and the '.po' files are compiled into '.gmo' files for use at
    * You can use positional specifications with 'sprintf()' and 'printf'
      to rearrange the placement of argument values in formatted strings
      and output.  This is useful for the translation of format control
    * The internationalization features have been designed so that they
      can be easily worked around in a standard 'awk'.
    * 'gawk' itself has been internationalized and ships with a number of
      translations for its messages.
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