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gawk: History summary

 A.10 Summary
    * The 'awk' language has evolved over time.  The first release was
      with V7 Unix, circa 1978.  In 1987, for System V Release 3.1, major
      additions, including user-defined functions, were made to the
      language.  Additional changes were made for System V Release 4, in
      1989.  Since then, further minor changes have happened under the
      auspices of the POSIX standard.
    * Brian Kernighan's 'awk' provides a small number of extensions that
      are implemented in common with other versions of 'awk'.
    * 'gawk' provides a large number of extensions over POSIX 'awk'.
      They can be disabled with either the '--traditional' or '--posix'
    * The interaction of POSIX locales and regexp matching in 'gawk' has
      been confusing over the years.  Today, 'gawk' implements Rational
      Range Interpretation, where ranges of the form '[a-z]' match _only_
      the characters numerically between 'a' through 'z' in the machine's
      native character set.  Usually this is ASCII, but it can be EBCDIC
      on IBM S/390 systems.
    * Many people have contributed to 'gawk' development over the years.
      We hope that the list provided in this major node is complete and
      gives the appropriate credit where credit is due.
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