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gawk: File Checking

 10.3.3 Checking for Readable Data files
 Normally, if you give 'awk' a data file that isn't readable, it stops
 with a fatal error.  There are times when you might want to just ignore
 such files and keep going.(1)  You can do this by prepending the
 following program to your 'awk' program:
      # readable.awk --- library file to skip over unreadable files
      BEGIN {
          for (i = 1; i < ARGC; i++) {
              if (ARGV[i] ~ /^[a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9_]*=.*/ \
                  || ARGV[i] == "-" || ARGV[i] == "/dev/stdin")
                  continue    # assignment or standard input
              else if ((getline junk < ARGV[i]) < 0) # unreadable
                  delete ARGV[i]
    This works, because the 'getline' won't be fatal.  Removing the
 element from 'ARGV' with 'delete' skips the file (because it's no longer
 in the list).  See also ⇒ARGC and ARGV.
    Because 'awk' variable names only allow the English letters, the
 regular expression check purposely does not use character classes such
 as '[:alpha:]' and '[:alnum:]' (⇒Bracket Expressions).
    ---------- Footnotes ----------
    (1) The 'BEGINFILE' special pattern (⇒BEGINFILE/ENDFILE)
 provides an alternative mechanism for dealing with files that can't be
 opened.  However, the code here provides a portable solution.
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