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gawk: Extension Sample Ord

 16.7.5 Character and Numeric values: 'ord()' and 'chr()'
 The 'ordchr' extension adds two functions, named 'ord()' and 'chr()', as
 '@load "ordchr"'
      This is how you load the extension.
 'number = ord(string)'
      Return the numeric value of the first character in 'string'.
 'char = chr(number)'
      Return a string whose first character is that represented by
    These functions are inspired by the Pascal language functions of the
 same name.  Here is an example:
      @load "ordchr"
      printf("The numeric value of 'A' is %d\n", ord("A"))
      printf("The string value of 65 is %s\n", chr(65))
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