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gawk: Dynamic Extensions

 16 Writing Extensions for 'gawk'
 It is possible to add new functions written in C or C++ to 'gawk' using
 dynamically loaded libraries.  This facility is available on systems
 that support the C 'dlopen()' and 'dlsym()' functions.  This major node
 describes how to create extensions using code written in C or C++.
    If you don't know anything about C programming, you can safely skip
 this major node, although you may wish to review the documentation on
 the extensions that come with 'gawk' (⇒Extension Samples), and
 the information on the 'gawkextlib' project (⇒gawkextlib).  The
 sample extensions are automatically built and installed when 'gawk' is.
      NOTE: When '--sandbox' is specified, extensions are disabled (⇒


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