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gawk: Distribution contents

 B.1.3 Contents of the 'gawk' Distribution
 The 'gawk' distribution has a number of C source files, documentation
 files, subdirectories, and files related to the configuration process
 (⇒Unix Installation), as well as several subdirectories related
 to different non-Unix operating systems:
 Various '.c', '.y', and '.h' files
      These files contain the actual 'gawk' source code.
      C header and source files for routines that 'gawk' uses, but that
      are not part of its core functionality.  For example, argument
      parsing, regular expression matching, and random number generating
      routines are all kept here.
      A file containing information about GNU 'gettext' and translations.
      A file with some information about the authorship of 'gawk'.  It
      exists only to satisfy the pedants at the Free Software Foundation.
      Descriptive files: 'README' for 'gawk' under Unix and the rest for
      the various hardware and software combinations.
      A file providing an overview of the configuration and installation
      A detailed list of source code changes as bugs are fixed or
      improvements made.
      An older list of source code changes.
      A list of changes to 'gawk' since the last release or patch.
      An older list of changes to 'gawk'.
      The GNU General Public License.
      A description of behaviors in the POSIX standard for 'awk' that are
      left undefined, or where 'gawk' may not comply fully, as well as a
      list of things that the POSIX standard should describe but does
      Pointers to the original draft of a short article describing why
      'gawk' is a good language for artificial intelligence (AI)
      A brief description of 'gawk''s "byte code" internals.
      The 'troff' source for a five-color 'awk' reference card.  A modern
      version of 'troff' such as GNU 'troff' ('groff') is needed to
      produce the color version.  See the file 'README.card' for
      instructions if you have an older 'troff'.
      The 'troff' source for a manual page describing 'gawk'.  This is
      distributed for the convenience of Unix users.
      The Texinfo source file for this Info file.  It should be processed
      by 'doc/sidebar.awk' before processing with 'texi2dvi' or
      'texi2pdf' to produce a printed document, and with 'makeinfo' to
      produce an Info or HTML file.  The 'Makefile' takes care of this
      processing and produces printable output via 'texi2dvi' or
      The file produced after processing '' with
      The generated Info file for this Info file.
      The Texinfo source file for *note(General Introduction, gawkinet,
      TCP/IP Internetworking with 'gawk')Top::.  It should be processed
      with TeX (via 'texi2dvi' or 'texi2pdf') to produce a printed
      document and with 'makeinfo' to produce an Info or HTML file.
      The generated Info file for 'TCP/IP Internetworking with 'gawk''.
      The 'troff' source for a manual page describing the 'igawk' program
      presented in ⇒Igawk Program.  (Since 'gawk' can do its own
      '@include' processing, neither 'igawk' nor 'igawk.1' are
      Files for the Italian translation of this Info file, produced and
      contributed by Antonio Colombo and Marco Curreli.
      The input file used during the configuration process to generate
      the actual 'Makefile' for creating the documentation.
      Files used by the GNU Automake software for generating the
      '' files used by Autoconf and 'configure'.
      These files and subdirectories are used when configuring and
      compiling 'gawk' for various Unix systems.  Most of them are
      explained in ⇒Unix Installation.  The rest are there to
      support the main infrastructure.
      The 'po' library contains message translations.
      The 'awklib' directory contains a copy of 'extract.awk' (⇒
      Extract Program), which can be used to extract the sample
      programs from the Texinfo source file for this Info file.  It also
      contains a '' file, which 'configure' uses to generate a
      'Makefile'.  '' is used by GNU Automake to create
      ''.  The library functions from ⇒Library
      Functions, are included as ready-to-use files in the 'gawk'
      distribution.  They are installed as part of the installation
      process.  The rest of the programs in this Info file are available
      in appropriate subdirectories of 'awklib/eg'.
      The source code, manual pages, and infrastructure files for the
      sample extensions included with 'gawk'.  ⇒Dynamic
      Extensions, for more information.
      Additional non-essential files.  Currently, this directory contains
      some shell startup files to be installed in '/etc/profile.d' to aid
      in manipulating the 'AWKPATH' and 'AWKLIBPATH' environment
      variables.  ⇒Shell Startup Files, for more information.
      Files needed for building 'gawk' on POSIX-compliant systems.
      Files needed for building 'gawk' under MS-Windows (⇒PC
      Installation for details).
      Files needed for building 'gawk' under Vax/VMS and OpenVMS (⇒
      VMS Installation for details).
      A test suite for 'gawk'.  You can use 'make check' from the
      top-level 'gawk' directory to run your version of 'gawk' against
      the test suite.  If 'gawk' successfully passes 'make check', then
      you can be confident of a successful port.
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