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gawk: Common Extensions

 A.7 Common Extensions Summary
 The following table summarizes the common extensions supported by
 'gawk', Brian Kernighan's 'awk', and 'mawk', the three most widely used
 freely available versions of 'awk' (⇒Other Versions).
 Feature                      BWK 'awk'   'mawk'   'gawk'   Now standard
 '\x' escape sequence         X           X        X
 'FS' as null string          X           X        X
 '/dev/stdin' special file    X           X        X
 '/dev/stdout' special file   X           X        X
 '/dev/stderr' special file   X           X        X
 'delete' without subscript   X           X        X        X
 'fflush()' function          X           X        X        X
 'length()' of an array       X           X        X
 'nextfile' statement         X           X        X        X
 '**' and '**=' operators     X                    X
 'func' keyword               X                    X
 'BINMODE' variable                       X        X
 'RS' as regexp                           X        X
 Time-related functions                   X        X
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