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gawk: Calling A Function Writing a Function Call
 A function call consists of the function name followed by the arguments
 in parentheses.  'awk' expressions are what you write in the call for
 the arguments.  Each time the call is executed, these expressions are
 evaluated, and the values become the actual arguments.  For example,
 here is a call to 'foo()' with three arguments (the first being a string
      foo(x y, "lose", 4 * z)
      CAUTION: Whitespace characters (spaces and TABs) are not allowed
      between the function name and the opening parenthesis of the
      argument list.  If you write whitespace by mistake, 'awk' might
      think that you mean to concatenate a variable with an expression in
      parentheses.  However, it notices that you used a function name and
      not a variable name, and reports an error.
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