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gawk: Additional Configuration Options

 B.2.3 Additional Configuration Options
 There are several additional options you may use on the 'configure'
 command line when compiling 'gawk' from scratch, including:
      Disable configuring and building the sample extensions in the
      'extension' directory.  This is useful for cross-compiling.  The
      default action is to dynamically check if the extensions can be
      configured and compiled.
      Disable all lint checking within 'gawk'.  The '--lint' and
      '--lint-old' options (⇒Options) are accepted, but silently
      do nothing.  Similarly, setting the 'LINT' variable (⇒
      User-modified) has no effect on the running 'awk' program.
      When used with the GNU Compiler Collection's (GCC's) automatic
      dead-code-elimination, this option cuts almost 23K bytes off the
      size of the 'gawk' executable on GNU/Linux x86_64 systems.  Results
      on other systems and with other compilers are likely to vary.
      Using this option may bring you some slight performance
           CAUTION: Using this option will cause some of the tests in the
           test suite to fail.  This option may be removed at a later
      Skip checking for the MPFR and GMP libraries.  This is useful
      mainly for the developers, to make sure nothing breaks if MPFR
      support is not available.
      Disable all message-translation facilities.  This is usually not
      desirable, but it may bring you some slight performance
      Force use of the included version of the C 'strftime()' function
      for deficient systems.
    Use the command './configure --help' to see the full list of options
 supplied by 'configure'.
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