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gawk: Accessing The Source

 C.2.1 Accessing The 'gawk' Git Repository
 As 'gawk' is Free Software, the source code is always available.  ⇒
 Gawk Distribution describes how to get and build the formal, released
 versions of 'gawk'.
    However, if you want to modify 'gawk' and contribute back your
 changes, you will probably wish to work with the development version.
 To do so, you will need to access the 'gawk' source code repository.
 The code is maintained using the Git distributed version control system
 (  You will need to install it if your system
 doesn't have it.  Once you have done so, use the command:
      git clone git://
 This clones the 'gawk' repository.  If you are behind a firewall that
 does not allow you to use the Git native protocol, you can still access
 the repository using:
      git clone
    Once you have made changes, you can use 'git diff' to produce a
 patch, and send that to the 'gawk' maintainer; see ⇒Bugs, for how
 to do that.
    Once upon a time there was Git-CVS gateway for use by people who
 could not install Git.  However, this gateway no longer works, so you
 may have better luck using a more modern version control system like
 Bazaar, that has a Git plug-in for working with Git repositories.
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