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13. Concept Index

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Index Entry Section

64-bit architecture4.5.6 64-bit Guru Interface
64-bit architecture6.3 2d MPI example
64-bit architecture7.3 FFTW Fortran type reference

advanced interface1. Introduction
advanced interface2.2 Complex Multi-Dimensional DFTs
advanced interface3.2.1 Row-major Format
advanced interface4.4 Advanced Interface
advanced interface6.4.1 Basic and advanced distribution interfaces
advanced interface6.12.4 MPI Data Distribution Functions
advanced interfaceComplex-data MPI DFTs
algorithm1. Introduction
alignment4.1.3 Memory Allocation
alignmentAlgorithm-restriction flags
alignment4.6 New-array Execute Functions
alignment6.12.3 Using MPI Plans
alignment7.1 Overview of Fortran interface
alignment7.5 Allocating aligned memory in Fortran
AltiVec3.1 SIMD alignment and fftw_malloc
AVX3.1 SIMD alignment and fftw_malloc

basic interface1. Introduction
basic interface2. Tutorial
basic interface4.3 Basic Interface
block distribution6.4 MPI Data Distribution
block distribution6.4.1 Basic and advanced distribution interfaces
block distribution6.10 FFTW MPI Performance Tips

C multi-dimensional arrays3.2.3 Fixed-size Arrays in C
C++2.1 Complex One-Dimensional DFTs
C++3.1 SIMD alignment and fftw_malloc
C++3.2.4 Dynamic Arrays in C
C++4.1.1 Complex numbers
C++4.1.3 Memory Allocation
c2r2.3 One-Dimensional DFTs of Real Data
c2rAlgorithm-restriction flags
C993.2.4 Dynamic Arrays in C
C994.1.1 Complex numbers
C994.1.2 Precision
Caml10.4 Generating your own code
Caml11. Acknowledgments
code generator1. Introduction
code generator10.4 Generating your own code
codelet1. Introduction
codelet10. Installation and Customization
codelet10.4 Generating your own code
codelet11. Acknowledgments
collective function6.3 2d MPI example
collective function6.8 FFTW MPI Wisdom
collective function6.9 Avoiding MPI Deadlocks
collective function6.12.3 Using MPI Plans
collective functionComplex-data MPI DFTs
column-major3.2.2 Column-major Format
column-major7.2 Reversing array dimensions
column-major8.1 Fortran-interface routines
column-major8.4 Fortran Examples
compiler1. Introduction
compiler10. Installation and Customization
compiler10.1 Installation on Unix
compiler10.3 Cycle Counters
compiler flags10.1 Installation on Unix
compiler flags10.1 Installation on Unix
configuration routines4.7.4 Wisdom Utilities
configure5.1 Installation and Supported Hardware/Software
configure6.1 FFTW MPI Installation
configure10.1 Installation on Unix
cycle counter10. Installation and Customization
cycle counter10.3 Cycle Counters

data distribution6. Distributed-memory FFTW with MPI
data distribution6.3 2d MPI example
data distribution6.4 MPI Data Distribution
data distribution6.5 Multi-dimensional MPI DFTs of Real Data
data distribution6.7.1 Basic distributed-transpose interface
data distribution6.12.4 MPI Data Distribution Functions
DCT2.5.2 Real even/odd DFTs (cosine/sine transforms)
DCT4.3.6 Real-to-Real Transform Kinds
DCT4.8.3 1d Real-even DFTs (DCTs)
deadlock6.9 Avoiding MPI Deadlocks
Devil2.1 Complex One-Dimensional DFTs
DFT1. Introduction
DFT2.1 Complex One-Dimensional DFTs
DFT4.8.1 The 1d Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT)
DHT2.5.3 The Discrete Hartley Transform
DHT4.8.5 1d Discrete Hartley Transforms (DHTs)
discrete cosine transform2.5.2 Real even/odd DFTs (cosine/sine transforms)
discrete cosine transform4.3.6 Real-to-Real Transform Kinds
discrete cosine transform4.8.3 1d Real-even DFTs (DCTs)
discrete Fourier transform1. Introduction
discrete Fourier transform4.8.1 The 1d Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT)
discrete Hartley transform2.5.3 The Discrete Hartley Transform
discrete Hartley transform4.3.6 Real-to-Real Transform Kinds
discrete Hartley transform4.8.5 1d Discrete Hartley Transforms (DHTs)
discrete sine transform2.5.2 Real even/odd DFTs (cosine/sine transforms)
discrete sine transform4.3.6 Real-to-Real Transform Kinds
discrete sine transform4.8.4 1d Real-odd DFTs (DSTs)
dist4.4.1 Advanced Complex DFTs
dist4.5.2 Guru vector and transform sizes
DST2.5.2 Real even/odd DFTs (cosine/sine transforms)
DST4.3.6 Real-to-Real Transform Kinds
DST4.8.4 1d Real-odd DFTs (DSTs)

Ecclesiastes3.4 Caveats in Using Wisdom
execute1. Introduction
execute2.1 Complex One-Dimensional DFTs
execute4.6 New-array Execute Functions

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