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57.2.2 Browsing and Searching for Options and Faces

M-x customize-browse is another way to browse the available settings. This command creates a special customization buffer which shows only the names of groups and settings, and puts them in a structure.

In this buffer, you can show the contents of a group by invoking the ‘[+]’ button. When the group contents are visible, this button changes to ‘[-]’; invoking that hides the group contents again.

Each group or setting in this buffer has a link which says ‘[Group]’, ‘[Option]’ or ‘[Face]’. Invoking this link creates an ordinary customization buffer showing just that group and its contents, just that user option, or just that face. This is the way to change settings that you find with M-x customize-browse.

If you can guess part of the name of the settings you are interested in, M-x customize-apropos is another way to search for settings. However, unlike customize and customize-browse, customize-apropos can only find groups and settings that are loaded in the current Emacs session. See section Customizing Specific Items.

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