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5 Documentation

The CLooG distribution provides several documentation sources. First, the source code itself is as documented as possible. The code comments use a Doxygen-compatible presentation (something similar to what JavaDoc does for JAVA). The user may install Doxygen (see to automatically generate a technical documentation by typing make doc or doxygen ./autoconf/Doxyfile at the CLooG top-level directory after running the configure script (see section Installing CLooG). Doxygen will generate documentation sources (in HTML, LaTeX and man) in the doc/source directory of the CLooG distribution.

The Texinfo sources of the present document are also provided in the doc directory. You can build it in either DVI format (by typing texi2dvi cloog.texi) or PDF format (by typing texi2pdf cloog.texi) or HTML format (by typing makeinfo --html cloog.texi, using --no-split option to generate a single HTML file) or info format (by typing makeinfo cloog.texi).

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