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8.1 Strings

The class


implements immutable strings.

Strings are constructed through the following constructors:

cl_string (const char * s)

Returns an immutable copy of the (zero-terminated) C string s.

cl_string (const char * ptr, unsigned long len)

Returns an immutable copy of the len characters at ptr[0], …, ptr[len-1]. NUL characters are allowed.

The following functions are available on strings:

operator =

Assignment from cl_string and const char *.


Returns the length of the string s.


Returns the ith character of the string s. i must be in the range 0 <= i < s.size().

bool equal (const cl_string& s1, const cl_string& s2)

Compares two strings for equality. One of the arguments may also be a plain const char *.

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