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34.9 On-line Documentation

On-line documentation may be popped up. This is always done, clicking on the Info icon of the tool bar or C-c C-d i. If an emacs region is active, the documentation about that region will be popped up. If the cursor is at a Scheme identifier, the documentation of that identifier will be printed. Otherwise, the user will be prompted for the Section of the documentation to be printed.

Clicking on the ? icon tool bar, pops up a short description of the Bigloo compiler options.

The BEE uses info files for printing On-line documentation. It always search the standard documentation and the standard definition of Scheme. It is possible to add extra info files to be searched. The BEE always checks for a directory info in the Bee Root Directory. If such a directory exists, contained file will be considered for the search of a document.

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