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B.3 General Index: B – D

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Binary package 2.2.10 Building Binary Packages Using DESTDIR’ and autoreconf Error: ‘required file `./' not found
Bugs, reporting 1 Introduction
build tree and source tree 2.2.6 Parallel Build Trees (a.k.a. VPATH Builds)
BUILT_SOURCES, defined 9.4 Built Sources

C++ support 8.9 C++ Support
canonicalizing Automake variables 3.5 How derived variables are named
CCASFLAGS and AM_CCASFLAGS Compile Flag Variables
CFLAGS and AM_CFLAGS Compile Flag Variables
cfortran 8.14.3 Mixing Fortran 77 With C and C++
check 2.2.2 Standard ‘Makefile’ Targets
check 15 Support for test suites
check 23.1 Extending Automake Rules
check-local 23.1 Extending Automake Rules
check-news 17.2 List of Automake options
check_’ primary prefix, definition 3.3 The Uniform Naming Scheme
check_PROGRAMS example 8.5 Default _SOURCES
clean 2.2.2 Standard ‘Makefile’ Targets
clean 23.1 Extending Automake Rules
clean-local 13 What Gets Cleaned
clean-local 23.1 Extending Automake Rules
Colorized testsuite output 15.2.1 Scripts-based Testsuites
command line length limit 3.4 Staying below the command line length limit
Comment, special to Automake 3.1 General Operation
Compilation of Java to bytecode 10.4 Java bytecode compilation (deprecated)
Compilation of Java to native code 8.16 Compiling Java sources using gcj
Compile Flag Variables Compile Flag Variables
Complete example 4.1 A simple example, start to finish
Conditional example, ‘--enable-debug 20.1 Usage of Conditionals
conditional libtool libraries 8.3.3 Building Libtool Libraries Conditionally
Conditional programs 8.1.4 Conditional compilation of programs
Conditional subdirectories 7.2 Conditional Subdirectories
Conditional SUBDIRS 7.2 Conditional Subdirectories
Conditionals 20 Conditionals
config.guess 5 Creating a ‘’ example 2.2.5 Overriding Default Configuration Setting with ‘
configuration variables, overriding 2.2.4 Standard Configuration Variables
Configuration, basics 2.2.1 Basic Installation
Configure substitutions in TESTS 15.2.3 Parallel Test Harness’, Hello World 2.4.2 amhello’s ‘’ Setup Explained’, scanning 6 Scanning ‘’, using aclocal
conflicting definitions 23.1 Extending Automake Rules
Constraints of Automake 1 Introduction
convenience libraries, libtool 8.3.5 Libtool Convenience Libraries
copying semantics 23.1 Extending Automake Rules
cpio example 3.3 The Uniform Naming Scheme
CPPFLAGS and AM_CPPFLAGS Compile Flag Variables
cross-compilation 2.2.8 Cross-Compilation
cross-compilation example 2.2.8 Cross-Compilation
CVS and generated files Living with CVS in Autoconfiscated Projects
CVS and third-party files Third-party Files
CVS and timestamps Background: CVS and Timestamps
CXXFLAGS and AM_CXXFLAGS Compile Flag Variables

DATA primary, defined 9.3 Architecture-independent data files
debug build, example 2.2.6 Parallel Build Trees (a.k.a. VPATH Builds)
debugging rules 27.11 Debugging Make Rules
default source, Libtool modules example 8.5 Default _SOURCES
default verbosity for silent rules 21.3 How Automake can help in silencing make
default _SOURCES 8.5 Default _SOURCES
definitions, conflicts 23.1 Extending Automake Rules
dejagnu 15.5 DejaGnu Tests
dejagnu 17.2 List of Automake options
depcomp 8.19 Automatic dependency tracking
dependencies and distributed files 27.5 Errors with distclean
Dependency tracking 2.2.12 Automatic Dependency Tracking
Dependency tracking 8.19 Automatic dependency tracking
Dependency tracking, disabling 8.19 Automatic dependency tracking
directory variables 2.2.3 Standard Directory Variables
dirlist Modifying the Macro Search Path: ‘dirlist
Disabling dependency tracking 8.19 Automatic dependency tracking
Disabling hard errors 15.2.1 Scripts-based Testsuites
dist 2.2.2 Standard ‘Makefile’ Targets
dist 14.1 Basics of Distribution
dist-bzip2 14.5 The Types of Distributions
dist-bzip2 17.2 List of Automake options
dist-bzip2 17.2 List of Automake options
dist-gzip 14.5 The Types of Distributions
dist-hook 14.3 The dist Hook
dist-hook 23.1 Extending Automake Rules
dist-lzip 14.5 The Types of Distributions
dist-lzip 17.2 List of Automake options
dist-lzip 17.2 List of Automake options
dist-shar 14.5 The Types of Distributions
dist-shar 17.2 List of Automake options
dist-shar 17.2 List of Automake options
dist-tarZ 14.5 The Types of Distributions
dist-tarZ 17.2 List of Automake options
dist-tarZ 17.2 List of Automake options
dist-xz 14.5 The Types of Distributions
dist-xz 17.2 List of Automake options
dist-xz 17.2 List of Automake options
dist-zip 14.5 The Types of Distributions
dist-zip 17.2 List of Automake options
dist-zip 17.2 List of Automake options
distcheck 2.4.1 Creating ‘amhello-1.0.tar.gz
distcheck 14.4 Checking the Distribution
distcheck better than dist 2.2.11 Preparing Distributions
distcheck example 2.4.1 Creating ‘amhello-1.0.tar.gz
distclean 2.2.2 Standard ‘Makefile’ Targets
distclean 23.1 Extending Automake Rules
distclean 27.5 Errors with distclean
distclean, diagnostic 27.5 Errors with distclean
distclean-local 13 What Gets Cleaned
distclean-local 23.1 Extending Automake Rules
distcleancheck distcheck-hook
distdir 23.2 Third-Party ‘Makefile’s
Distinction between errors and failures in testsuites 15.1 Generalities about Testing
Distributions, preparation 2.2.11 Preparing Distributions
distuninstallcheck distcleancheck
dist_ and nobase_ 7.3 An Alternative Approach to Subdirectories
dist_ and notrans_ 11.2 Man Pages
dmalloc, support for 6.4.1 Public Macros
dvi 11.1 Texinfo
dvi 23.1 Extending Automake Rules
DVI output using Texinfo 11.1 Texinfo
dvi-local 23.1 Extending Automake Rules

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