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B.9 Concept Index: M – S

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M4 8 Programming in M4
M4 quotation 8.1 M4 Quotation
M4sugar 8.3 Programming in M4sugar
m4sugar debugging tips 8.4 Debugging via autom4te
Macro invocation stack 3.4 Using autoconf to Create configure
Macro invocation stack 8.2.1 Invoking autom4te
Macros, called once 10.4.3 One-Shot Macros
Macros, obsoleting 10.5 Obsoleting Macros
Macros, ordering 10.4.2 Suggested Ordering
Macros, prerequisites 10.4.1 Prerequisite Macros
make -k 12.17 Exit Status of make -k
make and MAKEFLAGS 12.8 The Make Macro MAKEFLAGS
make and SHELL 12.9 The Make Macro SHELL
Makefile’ macros and comments 12.13 Comments in Make Macros
Makefile’ macros and whitespace 12.14 Trailing whitespace in Make Macros
Makefile’ rules and comments 12.11 Comments in Make Rules
Makefile’ rules and newlines 12.12 Newlines in Make Rules
Makefile substitutions 4.8 Substitutions in Makefiles
MAKEFLAGS and make 12.8 The Make Macro MAKEFLAGS
Making directories 11.15 Limitations of Usual Tools
mandir 4.8.2 Installation Directory Variables
Messages, from autoconf 10.3 Reporting Messages
Messages, from configure 7.5 Printing Messages
Messages, from M4sugar 8.3.2 Diagnostic messages from M4sugar
Moving open files 11.15 Limitations of Usual Tools

newline, deleting 11.15 Limitations of Usual Tools
Newlines in ‘Makefile’ rules 12.12 Newlines in Make Rules
Notices in configure 4.3 Notices in configure
null pointers 13.4 Properties of Null Pointers

obj/’, subdirectory 12.16 The ‘obj/’ Subdirectory and Make
OBJCFLAGS 4.8.1 Preset Output Variables
OBJCXXFLAGS 4.8.1 Preset Output Variables
Obsolete constructs 18 Obsolete Constructs
Obsoleting macros 10.5 Obsoleting Macros
obstack 5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
oldincludedir 4.8.2 Installation Directory Variables
One-shot macros 10.4.3 One-Shot Macros
Options, package 15.3 Choosing Package Options
Options, Package 15.5 Controlling Checking of configure Options
Ordering macros 10.4.2 Suggested Ordering
Output variables 4.8.1 Preset Output Variables
Output variables 7.2 Setting Output Variables
Output variables, special characters in 7.3 Special Characters in Output Variables
output, low-level 9.4 File Descriptor Macros
Outputting files 4.5 Outputting Files
overflow, signed integer 13.2 Integer Overflow
overflow, signed integer 13.2.1 Basics of Integer Overflow
overflow, signed integer 13.2.2 Examples of Code Assuming Wraparound Overflow
overflow, signed integer 13.2.4 Practical Advice for Signed Overflow Issues

Package options 15.3 Choosing Package Options
package.m4 19.4 Making testsuite Scripts
Parallel make 12.10 Parallel Make
parentheses, balancing 8.1.7 Dealing with unbalanced parentheses
Patterns, forbidden 8.3.10 Forbidden Patterns
pdfdir 4.8.2 Installation Directory Variables
polymorphic variable name 9.2 Support for indirect variable names
portability 13.1 Varieties of Unportability
Portability of C functions 5.5.1 Portability of C Functions
Portability of headers 5.6.1 Portability of Headers
Portable C and C++ programming 13 Portable C and C++ Programming
Portable shell programming 11 Portable Shell Programming
positional parameters 11.8 Shell Substitutions
Posix termios headers 5.11 System Services
Precious Variable 7.2 Setting Output Variables
prefix 4.8.2 Installation Directory Variables
Prefix for install 4.13 Default Prefix
preprocessor arithmetic 13.3 Preprocessor Arithmetic
Preprocessors 5.10 Compilers and Preprocessors
prerequisite directories and VPATH 12.18.5 Tru64 make Creates Prerequisite Directories Magically
Prerequisite macros 10.4.1 Prerequisite Macros
Program names, transforming 15.7 Transforming Program Names When Installing
Programs, checking 5.2 Alternative Programs
psdir 4.8.2 Installation Directory Variables

QNX 4.25 6.7 Systemology
quadrigraphs 8.1.6 Quadrigraphs
quotation 3.1.2 The Autoconf Language
quotation 8.1 M4 Quotation

Remaking automatically 4.8.5 Automatic Remaking
Revision 4.3 Notices in configure
Rule, Single Suffix Inference 12.19 Single Suffix Rules and Separated Dependencies

sbindir 4.8.2 Installation Directory Variables
Separated Dependencies 12.19 Single Suffix Rules and Separated Dependencies
set -b 11.14 Limitations of Shell Builtins
set -e 11.14 Limitations of Shell Builtins
set -m 11.14 Limitations of Shell Builtins
set -n 11.14 Limitations of Shell Builtins
Set manipulation 8.3.9 Set manipulation in M4
sharedstatedir 4.8.2 Installation Directory Variables
SHELL and make 12.9 The Make Macro SHELL
Shell assignments 11.9 Assignments
Shell builtins 11.14 Limitations of Shell Builtins
Shell file descriptors 11.4 File Descriptors
Shell Functions 11.13 Shell Functions
Shell here-documents 11.3 Here-Documents
shell invocation 11.2 Invoking the Shell
Shell parentheses 11.10 Parentheses in Shell Scripts
Shell pattern matching 11.7 Shell Pattern Matching
Shell slashes 11.11 Slashes in Shell Scripts
Shell substitutions 11.8 Shell Substitutions
Shell variables 11.12 Special Shell Variables
Shellology 11.1 Shellology
Signal handling in the shell 11.5 Signal Handling
Signals, shells and 11.5 Signal Handling
signed integer overflow 13.2 Integer Overflow
signed integer overflow 13.2.1 Basics of Integer Overflow
signed integer overflow 13.2.2 Examples of Code Assuming Wraparound Overflow
signed integer overflow 13.2.4 Practical Advice for Signed Overflow Issues
Single Suffix Inference Rule 12.19 Single Suffix Rules and Separated Dependencies
Site defaults 15.8 Setting Site Defaults
Site details 15.6 Configuring Site Details
Special shell variables 11.12 Special Shell Variables
srcdir 4.6 Performing Configuration Actions
srcdir 4.8.1 Preset Output Variables
standard input 9.4 File Descriptor Macros
Standard symbols 5.1.1 Standard Symbols
Structure, checking 5.8 Structures
Subdirectory configure 4.12 Configuring Other Packages in Subdirectories
Substitutions in makefiles 4.8 Substitutions in Makefiles
Symbolic links 11.15 Limitations of Usual Tools
sysconfdir 4.8.2 Installation Directory Variables
System type 14.1 Specifying target triplets
System type 14.2 Getting the Canonical System Type
Systemology 6.7 Systemology

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