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B.9 Concept Index

This is an alphabetical list of the files, tools, and concepts introduced in this document.

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Index Entry Section

"$@"11.6 Shell Substitutions

$((expression))11.6 Shell Substitutions
$(commands)11.6 Shell Substitutions
$<, explicit rules, and VPATH12.15.3 $< Not Supported in Explicit Rules
${#var}11.6 Shell Substitutions
${var##word}11.6 Shell Substitutions
${var#word}11.6 Shell Substitutions
${var%%word}11.6 Shell Substitutions
${var%word}11.6 Shell Substitutions
${var+value}11.6 Shell Substitutions
${var-value}11.6 Shell Substitutions
${var:-value}11.6 Shell Substitutions
${var=expanded-value}11.6 Shell Substitutions
${var=literal}11.6 Shell Substitutions
${var=value}11.6 Shell Substitutions

64-bit libraries15.8 Setting Site Defaults

@%:@8.1.6 Quadrigraphs
@&t@8.1.6 Quadrigraphs
@:>@8.1.6 Quadrigraphs
@:}@8.1.6 Quadrigraphs
@<:@8.1.6 Quadrigraphs
@S|@8.1.6 Quadrigraphs
@{:@8.1.6 Quadrigraphs

^ quoting11.6 Shell Substitutions

_m4_divert_diversion18.6.2 New Macros

`commands`11.6 Shell Substitutions

absolute file names, detect11.4 File System Conventions
abs_builddir4.8.1 Preset Output Variables
abs_srcdir4.8.1 Preset Output Variables
abs_top_builddir4.8.1 Preset Output Variables
abs_top_srcdir4.8.1 Preset Output Variables
acconfig.h18.2 ‘acconfig.h
aclocal.m43. Making configure Scripts
ac_objext5.5.3 Generic Function Checks
ac_path_variable5.2.2 Generic Program and File Checks
ac_path_variable_found5.2.2 Generic Program and File Checks
ac_srcdir4.6 Performing Configuration Actions
ac_top_build_prefix4.6 Performing Configuration Actions
ac_top_srcdir4.6 Performing Configuration Actions
Ash11.1 Shellology
at_arg_option19.2 Writing ‘
at_arg_option19.2 Writing ‘
at_optarg19.2 Writing ‘
at_optarg19.2 Writing ‘
at_optarg_option19.2 Writing ‘
at_status19.2 Writing ‘
autoconf3.4 Using autoconf to Create configure
Autoconf upgrading18.5 Upgrading From Version 1
Autoconf upgrading18.6 Upgrading From Version 2.13
Autoconf version4.2 Dealing with Autoconf versions
autoheader4.9.2 Using autoheader to Create ‘
Autoheader macros4.9.3 Autoheader Macros
autom4te debugging tips8.4 Debugging via autom4te
Autom4te Library8.2.1 Invoking autom4te
autom4te.cache8.2.1 Invoking autom4te
autom4te.cfg8.2.1 Invoking autom4te
Automake2.1 Automake
Automatic remaking4.8.5 Automatic Remaking
automatic rule rewriting and VPATH12.15.4 Automatic Rule Rewriting
autopoint3.5 Using autoreconf to Update configure Scripts
autoreconf3.5 Using autoreconf to Update configure Scripts
autoscan3.2 Using autoscan to Create ‘
Autotest19. Generating Test Suites with Autotest
AUTOTEST_PATH19.3 Running testsuite Scripts
autoupdate18.3 Using autoupdate to Modernize ‘

Back trace3.4 Using autoconf to Create configure
Back trace8.2.1 Invoking autom4te
balancing parentheses8.1.7 Dealing with unbalanced parentheses
Bash11.1 Shellology
Bash 2.05 and later11.1 Shellology
bindir4.8.2 Installation Directory Variables
Bootstrap20.3 How Can I Bootstrap?
BSD make and ‘obj/12.13 The ‘obj/’ Subdirectory and Make
buffer overruns13.5 Buffer Overruns and Subscript Errors
Build directories4.8.4 Build Directories
builddir4.8.1 Preset Output Variables

C function portability5.5.1 Portability of C Functions
C types5.9 Types
Cache7.4 Caching Results
Cache variable7.4.1 Cache Variable Names
Cache, enabling16.10 configure Invocation
Canonical system type14.2 Getting the Canonical System Type
carriage return, deleting11.13 Limitations of Usual Tools
CFLAGS4.8.1 Preset Output Variables
changequote8.1.5 changequote is Evil
Coding style10.6 Coding Style
Command Substitution11.6 Shell Substitutions
Commands for configuration4.10 Running Arbitrary Configuration Commands
Comments in ‘Makefile’ rules12.11 Comments in Make Rules
Common autoconf behavior5.1 Common Behavior
Compilers5.10 Compilers and Preprocessors
composing variable names9.2 Support for indirect variable names
config.h4.9 Configuration Header Files
config.h.bot18.2 ‘acconfig.h
config.h.in4.9.1 Configuration Header Templates
config.h.top18.2 ‘acconfig.h
config.site15.8 Setting Site Defaults
config.status17. config.status Invocation
config.sub14.1 Specifying target triplets
Configuration actions4.6 Performing Configuration Actions
Configuration commands4.10 Running Arbitrary Configuration Commands
Configuration file creation4.7 Creating Configuration Files
Configuration Header4.9 Configuration Header Files
Configuration Header Template4.9.1 Configuration Header Templates
Configuration links4.11 Creating Configuration Links
configure3. Making configure Scripts
configure16. Running configure Scripts
Configure subdirectories4.12 Configuring Other Packages in Subdirectories
configure.ac3. Making configure Scripts
configure.in3. Making configure Scripts
configure_input4.8.1 Preset Output Variables
CONFIG_COMMANDS18.1 Obsolete ‘config.status’ Invocation
CONFIG_FILES18.1 Obsolete ‘config.status’ Invocation
CONFIG_HEADERS18.1 Obsolete ‘config.status’ Invocation
CONFIG_LINKS18.1 Obsolete ‘config.status’ Invocation
CONFIG_SHELL17. config.status Invocation
CONFIG_STATUS17. config.status Invocation
Copyright Notice4.3 Notices in configure
Copyright Notice19.2 Writing ‘
CPPFLAGS4.8.1 Preset Output Variables
Creating configuration files4.7 Creating Configuration Files
Creating temporary files11.13 Limitations of Usual Tools
Cross compilation18.6.3 Hosts and Cross-Compilation
CXXFLAGS4.8.1 Preset Output Variables

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