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B.6 M4 Macro Index

This is an alphabetical list of the M4, M4sugar, and M4sh macros.

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Index Entry Section

__file__8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
__line__8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
__oline__8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros

AS_BOURNE_COMPATIBLE9.3 Initialization Macros
AS_BOX9.1 Common Shell Constructs
AS_CASE9.1 Common Shell Constructs
AS_DIRNAME9.1 Common Shell Constructs
AS_ECHO9.1 Common Shell Constructs
AS_ECHO_N9.1 Common Shell Constructs
AS_ESCAPE9.1 Common Shell Constructs
AS_EXIT9.1 Common Shell Constructs
AS_HELP_STRING15.4 Making Your Help Strings Look Pretty
AS_IF9.1 Common Shell Constructs
AS_INIT9.3 Initialization Macros
AS_INIT_GENERATED9.3 Initialization Macros
AS_LINENO_PREPARE9.3 Initialization Macros
AS_LITERAL_IF9.2 Support for indirect variable names
AS_LITERAL_WORD_IF9.2 Support for indirect variable names
AS_MESSAGE_FD9.4 File Descriptor Macros
AS_MESSAGE_LOG_FD9.4 File Descriptor Macros
AS_ME_PREPARE9.3 Initialization Macros
AS_MKDIR_P9.1 Common Shell Constructs
AS_ORIGINAL_STDIN_FD9.4 File Descriptor Macros
AS_SET_CATFILE9.1 Common Shell Constructs
AS_SET_STATUS9.1 Common Shell Constructs
AS_SHELL_SANITIZE9.3 Initialization Macros
AS_TMPDIR9.3 Initialization Macros
AS_TR_CPP9.1 Common Shell Constructs
AS_TR_SH9.1 Common Shell Constructs
AS_UNSET9.1 Common Shell Constructs
AS_VAR_APPEND9.2 Support for indirect variable names
AS_VAR_ARITH9.2 Support for indirect variable names
AS_VAR_COPY9.2 Support for indirect variable names
AS_VAR_IF9.2 Support for indirect variable names
AS_VAR_POPDEF9.2 Support for indirect variable names
AS_VAR_PUSHDEF9.2 Support for indirect variable names
AS_VAR_SET9.2 Support for indirect variable names
AS_VAR_SET_IF9.2 Support for indirect variable names
AS_VAR_TEST_SET9.2 Support for indirect variable names
AS_VERSION_COMPARE9.1 Common Shell Constructs

dnl8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros

m4_append8.3.7 String manipulation in M4
m4_append_uniq8.3.7 String manipulation in M4
m4_append_uniq_w8.3.7 String manipulation in M4
m4_apply8.3.6 Evaluation Macros
m4_argn8.3.5 Looping constructs
m4_assert8.3.2 Diagnostic messages from M4sugar
m4_bmatch8.3.4 Conditional constructs
m4_bpatsubst8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_bpatsubsts8.3.4 Conditional constructs
m4_bregexp8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_builtin8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_car8.3.5 Looping constructs
m4_case8.3.4 Conditional constructs
m4_cdr8.3.5 Looping constructs
m4_changecom8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_changequote8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_chomp8.3.7 String manipulation in M4
m4_chomp_all8.3.7 String manipulation in M4
m4_cleardivert8.3.3 Diversion support
m4_cmp8.3.8 Arithmetic computation in M4
m4_combine8.3.7 String manipulation in M4
m4_cond8.3.4 Conditional constructs
m4_copy8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_copy_force8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_count8.3.6 Evaluation Macros
m4_curry8.3.6 Evaluation Macros
m4_debugfile8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_debugmode8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_decr8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_default8.3.4 Conditional constructs
m4_default_nblank8.3.4 Conditional constructs
m4_default_nblank_quoted8.3.4 Conditional constructs
m4_default_quoted8.3.4 Conditional constructs
m4_define8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_define_default8.3.4 Conditional constructs
m4_defn8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_divert8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_divert_once8.3.3 Diversion support
m4_divert_pop8.3.3 Diversion support
m4_divert_push8.3.3 Diversion support
m4_divert_text8.3.3 Diversion support
m4_divnum8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_do8.3.6 Evaluation Macros
m4_dquote8.3.6 Evaluation Macros
m4_dquote_elt8.3.6 Evaluation Macros
m4_dumpdef8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_dumpdefs8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_echo8.3.6 Evaluation Macros
m4_errprint8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_errprintn8.3.2 Diagnostic messages from M4sugar
m4_escape8.3.7 String manipulation in M4
m4_esyscmd8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_esyscmd_s8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_eval8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_exit8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_expand8.3.6 Evaluation Macros
m4_fatal8.3.2 Diagnostic messages from M4sugar
m4_flatten8.3.7 String manipulation in M4
m4_for8.3.5 Looping constructs
m4_foreach8.3.5 Looping constructs
m4_foreach_w8.3.5 Looping constructs
m4_format8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_if8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_ifblank8.3.4 Conditional constructs
m4_ifdef8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_ifnblank8.3.4 Conditional constructs
m4_ifndef8.3.4 Conditional constructs
m4_ifset8.3.4 Conditional constructs
m4_ifval8.3.4 Conditional constructs
m4_ifvaln8.3.4 Conditional constructs
m4_ignore8.3.6 Evaluation Macros
m4_include8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_incr8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_index8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_indir8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_init8.3.3 Diversion support
m4_join8.3.7 String manipulation in M4
m4_joinall8.3.7 String manipulation in M4
m4_len8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_list_cmp8.3.8 Arithmetic computation in M4
m4_location8.3.2 Diagnostic messages from M4sugar
m4_maketemp8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_make_list8.3.6 Evaluation Macros
m4_map8.3.5 Looping constructs
m4_mapall8.3.5 Looping constructs
m4_mapall_sep8.3.5 Looping constructs
m4_map_args8.3.5 Looping constructs
m4_map_args_pair8.3.5 Looping constructs
m4_map_args_sep8.3.5 Looping constructs
m4_map_args_w8.3.5 Looping constructs
m4_map_sep8.3.5 Looping constructs
m4_max8.3.8 Arithmetic computation in M4
m4_min8.3.8 Arithmetic computation in M4
m4_mkstemp8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_n8.3.4 Conditional constructs
m4_newline8.3.7 String manipulation in M4
m4_normalize8.3.7 String manipulation in M4
m4_pattern_allow8.3.10 Forbidden Patterns
m4_pattern_forbid8.3.10 Forbidden Patterns
m4_popdef8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_pushdef8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_quote8.3.6 Evaluation Macros
m4_rename8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_rename_force8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_reverse8.3.6 Evaluation Macros
m4_re_escape8.3.7 String manipulation in M4
m4_set_add8.3.9 Set manipulation in M4
m4_set_add_all8.3.9 Set manipulation in M4
m4_set_contains8.3.9 Set manipulation in M4
m4_set_contents8.3.9 Set manipulation in M4
m4_set_delete8.3.9 Set manipulation in M4
m4_set_difference8.3.9 Set manipulation in M4
m4_set_dump8.3.9 Set manipulation in M4
m4_set_empty8.3.9 Set manipulation in M4
m4_set_foreach8.3.9 Set manipulation in M4
m4_set_intersection8.3.9 Set manipulation in M4
m4_set_list8.3.9 Set manipulation in M4
m4_set_listc8.3.9 Set manipulation in M4
m4_set_map8.3.9 Set manipulation in M4
m4_set_map_sep8.3.9 Set manipulation in M4
m4_set_remove8.3.9 Set manipulation in M4
m4_set_size8.3.9 Set manipulation in M4
m4_set_union8.3.9 Set manipulation in M4
m4_shift8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_shift28.3.5 Looping constructs
m4_shift38.3.5 Looping constructs
m4_shiftn8.3.5 Looping constructs
m4_sign8.3.8 Arithmetic computation in M4
m4_sinclude8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_split8.3.7 String manipulation in M4
m4_stack_foreach8.3.5 Looping constructs
m4_stack_foreach_lifo8.3.5 Looping constructs
m4_stack_foreach_sep8.3.5 Looping constructs
m4_stack_foreach_sep_lifo8.3.5 Looping constructs
m4_strip8.3.7 String manipulation in M4
m4_substr8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_syscmd8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_sysval8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_text_box8.3.7 String manipulation in M4
m4_text_wrap8.3.7 String manipulation in M4
m4_tolower8.3.7 String manipulation in M4
m4_toupper8.3.7 String manipulation in M4
m4_traceoff8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_traceon8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_translit8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_undefine8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_undivert8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_unquote8.3.6 Evaluation Macros
m4_version_compare8.3.8 Arithmetic computation in M4
m4_version_prereq8.3.8 Arithmetic computation in M4
m4_warn8.3.2 Diagnostic messages from M4sugar
m4_wrap8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros
m4_wrap_lifo8.3.1 Redefined M4 Macros

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