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B.3 Preprocessor Symbol Index

This is an alphabetical list of the C preprocessor symbols that the Autoconf macros define. To work with Autoconf, C source code needs to use these names in #if or #ifdef directives.

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Index Entry Section

_ALL_SOURCE5.12 Posix Variants
_ALL_SOURCE18.4 Obsolete Macros
_FILE_OFFSET_BITS5.11 System Services
_GNU_SOURCE5.12 Posix Variants
_GNU_SOURCE18.4 Obsolete Macros
_LARGEFILE_SOURCE5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
_LARGE_FILES5.11 System Services
_MINIX5.12 Posix Variants
_MINIX18.4 Obsolete Macros
_OPENMP5.10.2 Generic Compiler Characteristics
_POSIX_1_SOURCE5.12 Posix Variants
_POSIX_1_SOURCE18.4 Obsolete Macros
_POSIX_SOURCE5.12 Posix Variants
_POSIX_SOURCE18.4 Obsolete Macros
_POSIX_VERSION5.6.2 Particular Header Checks
_TANDEM_SOURCE5.12 Posix Variants
__CHAR_UNSIGNED__5.10.3 C Compiler Characteristics
__EXTENSIONS__5.12 Posix Variants
__PROTOTYPES5.10.3 C Compiler Characteristics

ALIGNOF_type5.10.2 Generic Compiler Characteristics

CLOSEDIR_VOID5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
const5.10.3 C Compiler Characteristics
CXX_NO_MINUS_C_MINUS_O5.10.4 C++ Compiler Characteristics
C_ALLOCA5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
C_GETLOADAVG5.5.2 Particular Function Checks

DGUX5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
DIRENT18.4 Obsolete Macros

F77_DUMMY_MAIN5.10.8 Fortran Compiler Characteristics
F77_FUNC5.10.8 Fortran Compiler Characteristics
F77_FUNC_5.10.8 Fortran Compiler Characteristics
F77_MAIN5.10.8 Fortran Compiler Characteristics
F77_NO_MINUS_C_MINUS_O5.10.8 Fortran Compiler Characteristics
FC_DUMMY_MAIN5.10.8 Fortran Compiler Characteristics
FC_FUNC5.10.8 Fortran Compiler Characteristics
FC_FUNC_5.10.8 Fortran Compiler Characteristics
FC_MAIN5.10.8 Fortran Compiler Characteristics
FC_NO_MINUS_C_MINUS_O5.10.8 Fortran Compiler Characteristics
FLEXIBLE_ARRAY_MEMBER5.10.3 C Compiler Characteristics

GETGROUPS_T5.9.1 Particular Type Checks
GETLOADAVG_PRIVILEGED5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
GETPGRP_VOID5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
gid_t5.9.1 Particular Type Checks
GWINSZ_IN_SYS_IOCTL5.6.2 Particular Header Checks

HAVE_aggregate_member5.8.2 Generic Structure Checks
HAVE_ALLOCA_H5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
HAVE_CHOWN5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
HAVE_CONFIG_H4.9 Configuration Header Files
HAVE_C_BACKSLASH_A5.10.3 C Compiler Characteristics
HAVE_C_VARARRAYS5.10.3 C Compiler Characteristics
HAVE_DECL_STRERROR_R5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
HAVE_DECL_symbol5.7.2 Generic Declaration Checks
HAVE_DECL_symbol5.7.2 Generic Declaration Checks
HAVE_DECL_TZNAME5.8.1 Particular Structure Checks
HAVE_DIRENT_H5.6.2 Particular Header Checks
HAVE_DOPRNT5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
HAVE_FSEEKO5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
HAVE_function5.5.3 Generic Function Checks
HAVE_function5.5.3 Generic Function Checks
HAVE_function5.5.3 Generic Function Checks
HAVE_GETGROUPS5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
HAVE_GETMNTENT5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
HAVE_header5.6.3 Generic Header Checks
HAVE_header5.6.3 Generic Header Checks
HAVE_INT16_T5.9.1 Particular Type Checks
HAVE_INT32_T5.9.1 Particular Type Checks
HAVE_INT64_T5.9.1 Particular Type Checks
HAVE_INT8_T5.9.1 Particular Type Checks
HAVE_INTMAX_T5.9.1 Particular Type Checks
HAVE_INTPTR_T5.9.1 Particular Type Checks
HAVE_LONG_DOUBLE5.9.1 Particular Type Checks
HAVE_LONG_DOUBLE18.4 Obsolete Macros
HAVE_LONG_DOUBLE_WIDER5.9.1 Particular Type Checks
HAVE_LONG_FILE_NAMES5.11 System Services
HAVE_LONG_LONG_INT5.9.1 Particular Type Checks
HAVE_LSTAT_EMPTY_STRING_BUG5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
HAVE_MALLOC5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
HAVE_MBRTOWC5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
HAVE_MMAP5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
HAVE_NDIR_H5.6.2 Particular Header Checks
HAVE_NLIST_H5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
HAVE_OBSTACK5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
HAVE_REALLOC5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
HAVE_RESOLV_H5.6.2 Particular Header Checks
HAVE_STAT_EMPTY_STRING_BUG5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
HAVE_STDBOOL_H5.6.2 Particular Header Checks
HAVE_STRCOLL5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
HAVE_STRERROR_R5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
HAVE_STRFTIME5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
HAVE_STRINGIZE5.10.3 C Compiler Characteristics
HAVE_STRNLEN5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
HAVE_STRTOLD5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
HAVE_STRUCT_DIRENT_D_INO5.8.1 Particular Structure Checks
HAVE_STRUCT_DIRENT_D_TYPE5.8.1 Particular Structure Checks
HAVE_STRUCT_STAT_ST_BLOCKS5.8.1 Particular Structure Checks
HAVE_STRUCT_STAT_ST_RDEV18.4 Obsolete Macros
HAVE_STRUCT_TM_TM_ZONE5.8.1 Particular Structure Checks
HAVE_ST_BLKSIZE18.4 Obsolete Macros
HAVE_ST_BLOCKS5.8.1 Particular Structure Checks
HAVE_ST_RDEV18.4 Obsolete Macros
HAVE_SYS_DIR_H5.6.2 Particular Header Checks
HAVE_SYS_NDIR_H5.6.2 Particular Header Checks
HAVE_SYS_WAIT_H5.6.2 Particular Header Checks
HAVE_TM_ZONE5.8.1 Particular Structure Checks
HAVE_type5.9.2 Generic Type Checks
HAVE_TYPEOF5.10.3 C Compiler Characteristics
HAVE_TZNAME5.8.1 Particular Structure Checks
HAVE_UINT16_T5.9.1 Particular Type Checks
HAVE_UINT32_T5.9.1 Particular Type Checks
HAVE_UINT64_T5.9.1 Particular Type Checks
HAVE_UINT8_T5.9.1 Particular Type Checks
HAVE_UINTMAX_T5.9.1 Particular Type Checks
HAVE_UINTPTR_T5.9.1 Particular Type Checks
HAVE_UNSIGNED_LONG_LONG_INT5.9.1 Particular Type Checks
HAVE_UTIME_NULL5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
HAVE_VFORK_H5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
HAVE_VPRINTF5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
HAVE_WAIT318.4 Obsolete Macros
HAVE_WORKING_FORK5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
HAVE_WORKING_VFORK5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
HAVE__BOOL5.6.2 Particular Header Checks

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