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15 Acknowledgments

Financial support for the development of Asymptote was generously provided by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, the Pacific Institute for Mathematical Sciences, and the University of Alberta Faculty of Science.

We also would like to acknowledge the previous work of John D. Hobby, author of the program MetaPost that inspired the development of Asymptote, and Donald E. Knuth, author of TeX and MetaFont (on which MetaPost is based).

The authors of Asymptote are Andy Hammerlindl, John Bowman, and Tom Prince. Sean Healy designed the Asymptote logo. Other contributors include Michail Vidiassov, Radoslav Marinov, Orest Shardt, Chris Savage, Philippe Ivaldi, Olivier Guibé, Jacques Pienaar, Mark Henning, Steve Melenchuk, Martin Wiebusch, and Stefan Knorr.

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