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2.3 Microsoft Windows

Users of the Microsoft Windows operating system can install the self-extracting Asymptote executable asymptote-x.xx-setup.exe, where x.xx denotes the latest version.

A working TeX implementation (such as the one available at will be required to typeset labels. You will also need to install GPL Ghostscript from

To view the default PostScript output, you can install the program gsview available from A better (and free) PostScript viewer available at (which in particular works properly in interactive mode) unfortunately currently requires some manual configuration. Specifically, if version x.xx of psview is extracted to the directory c:\Program Files one needs to put

import settings;
psviewer="c:\Program Files\psview-x.xx\psv.exe";

in the optional Asymptote configuration file; see configuration file).

The ImageMagick package from

is required to support output formats other than EPS, PDF, SVG, and PNG (see convert). The Python 2 interpreter from is only required if you wish to try out the graphical user interface (see section Graphical User Interface).

Example code will be installed by default in the examples subdirectory of the installation directory (by default, C:\Program Files\Asymptote).

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