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5.6.2 The Expand Command

The expand command is the reverse of munch, it expands affix flags to produce a list of words. For example:

echo both/R | aspell -l en expand
both bother

The formal usage is:

aspell expand [level] [limit]

Where level is the expansion level. Valid values are between 1 and 3. Level 1 is the default if not otherwise specified. Level 2 causes the original root/affix to be included, for example:

both/R both bother

Level 3 causes multiple lines to be printed, one for each generated word, with the original root/affix combination followed by the word it creates:

both/R both
both/R bother

Levels larger than 3 may also be supported, but should not be used as they may eventually be removed.

If a limit parameter is given then only expansions which affect the first limit letters will be expanded. If a base word is not completely expanded for a given affix flag that flag will be left on the word. Note that prefixes are always expanded.

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