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4.2.6 Miscellaneous Options

Miscellaneous other options that don’t fall under any other category


(file) Main configuration file. This file overrides Aspell’s global defaults.


(dir) location of main configuration file


(dir) location of language data files


(dir) alternative location of language data files. This directory is searched before ‘data-dir’. It defaults to the same directory the actual main word list is in (which is not necessarily ‘dict-dir’)


(dir) location for personal files


(file) personal configuration file. This file overrides options found in the global ‘conf’ file


(file) use this keyboard layout for suggesting possible words. These spelling errors happen if a user accidently presses a key next to the intended correct key. The default is keyboard standard. If you are creating documents, you may want to set it according to your particular type of keyboard. If spellchecking documents created elsewhere, you might want to set this to the keyboard type for that locale. If you are not sure, just leave this as standard


(dir) prefix directory


(boolean) set the prefix based on executable location (only works on WIN32 and when compiled with ‘--enable-win32-relocatable’)

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