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This filter can be used to spell check source codes, HTML sources and other texts which consist of different contexts. These contexts must be separated by pairs of unique delimiters. The different contexts may not be dependent upon each other except for initial context which is assumed if not any other context applies.


(boolean) Switches the context which should be visible to Aspell. Per default the initial context is assumed to be invisible as one would expect when spell checking source files of programs where relevant parts are contained in string constants and comments but not in the remaining code. If set to true the initial context is visible while the delimited ones are hidden.


(list) Add or remove pairs of delimiters. This allows you to specify the character, or sequences of characters, which should be used to switch contexts and therefore have to be escaped by ‘\’ if they should appear literally. The two delimiting chars belonging to one pair have to be separated by a space character. If multiple pairs are specified by one ‘add|rem-context-delimiters’ call the different pairs have to be separated by a literal comma. Per default the delimiters are set to C/C++ comment and string constant delimiters. If the end of line delimits a context than this has to be indicated by the literal ‘\0’ string.

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