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3.3.3 With VIM

To use Aspell in VIM you simply need to add the following line to your ‘.vimrc’ file:

map ^T :w!<CR>:!aspell check %<CR>:e! %<CR>

I use Ctrl-T since that’s the way you spell check in pico. In order to add a control character to your .vimrc you must type Ctrl-v first. In this case Ctrl-v Ctrl-t.

A more useful way to use Aspell, IMHO, is in combination with Newsbody ( which is how I use it since VIM is my editor for my mailer and my news reader.

map ^T\\1\\2<CR>:e! %<CR>
map \\1 :w!<CR>
map \\2 :!newsbody -qs -n % -p aspell check \\%f<CR>

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