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B.2.4 Hangul

Korean is generally written in hangul or a mixture of han and hangul. In Hangul letters individual letters, known as jamo, are grouped together in syllable blocks. Unicode allows Hangul to be stored in one of three ways, (A) Individual jamo letters (Hangul Compatibility Jamo, U+3130 - U+318F), (D) decomposed jamo (Hangul Jamo, U+1100 - U+11FF), and (C) precoposed sylable blocks (Hangul Syllables, U+AC00 - U+D7AF). In order for Aspell to work with Hangul it needs to be form A. Unfortunately the existing Normalization code in Aspell will not be able to adequately deal with converting Hangul from form D and C to form A and back again. However, once this code is written, Aspell should be able to spell check Hangul without any problem.

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