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11. Porting programs from MATLAB to Octave

People often ask

“I wrote some code for MATLAB, and I want to get it running under Octave. Is there anything I should watch out for?”

or alternatively

“I wrote some code in Octave, and want to share it with MATLAB users. Is there anything I should watch out for?”

which is not quite the same thing. There are still a number of differences between Octave and MATLAB, however in general differences between the two are considered as bugs. Octave might consider that the bug is in MATLAB and do nothing about it, but generally functionality is almost identical. If you find a difference between Octave behavior and MATLAB, then you should send a description of this difference (with code illustrating the difference, if possible) to

Furthermore, Octave adds a few syntactical extensions to Matlab that might cause some issues when exchanging files between Matlab and Octave users. As both Octave and MATLAB are under constant development the information in this section is subject to change at anytime.

You should also look at the page and that has a function reference that is up to date. You can use this function reference to see the number of octave function that are available and their MATLAB compatibility.

The major differences between Octave 3.2.N and MATLAB R2008a are:

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