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Index of new symbols in 1.8


pango_attr_shape_new_with_data, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_size_new_absolute, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_strikethrough_color_new, function in Text Attributes
pango_attr_underline_color_new, function in Text Attributes


pango_font_description_get_size_is_absolute, function in Fonts
pango_font_description_set_absolute_size, function in Fonts


pango_layout_get_font_description, function in Layout Objects


PangoRenderer, struct in PangoRenderer
PangoRendererClass, struct in PangoRenderer
pango_renderer_activate, function in PangoRenderer
pango_renderer_deactivate, function in PangoRenderer
pango_renderer_draw_error_underline, function in PangoRenderer
pango_renderer_draw_glyph, function in PangoRenderer
pango_renderer_draw_glyphs, function in PangoRenderer
pango_renderer_draw_layout, function in PangoRenderer
pango_renderer_draw_layout_line, function in PangoRenderer
pango_renderer_draw_rectangle, function in PangoRenderer
pango_renderer_draw_trapezoid, function in PangoRenderer
pango_renderer_get_color, function in PangoRenderer
pango_renderer_get_matrix, function in PangoRenderer
pango_renderer_part_changed, function in PangoRenderer
pango_renderer_set_color, function in PangoRenderer
pango_renderer_set_matrix, function in PangoRenderer
PangoRenderPart, enum in PangoRenderer


PangoXftRenderer, struct in Xft Fonts and Rendering
PangoXftRendererClass, struct in Xft Fonts and Rendering
pango_xft_renderer_new, function in Xft Fonts and Rendering
pango_xft_renderer_set_default_color, function in Xft Fonts and Rendering
pango_xft_renderer_set_draw, function in Xft Fonts and Rendering
pango_xft_render_layout, function in Xft Fonts and Rendering
pango_xft_render_layout_line, function in Xft Fonts and Rendering
pango_xft_render_transformed, function in Xft Fonts and Rendering
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