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libvips Overview

VIPS from the command-line — How to use the VIPS library from the command-line
VIPS from C — How to use the VIPS library from C
libvips from C++
How to write bindings
Extending VIPS — How to add operations to VIPS
VIPS function list — List of VIPS functions and operators
The VIPS file format — The VIPS file format
VIPS and threads — VIPS and threading
How libvips works
Opening files
Image pyramids
Using vipsthumbnail

libvips is a free image processing system. It is good with large images (images larger than the amount of RAM you have available), with many CPUs (speed scales linearly to at least 32 threads), for working with colour, for scientific analysis and for general research and development. As well as JPEG, TIFF and PNG images, it also supports scientific formats like FITS, Matlab, Analyze, PFM, Radiance and OpenSlide. It works on many UNIX-like platforms, as well as Windows and OS X. libvips is released under the GNU Library General Public License (GNU LGPL).

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