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Core API

SoupAuth — HTTP client-side authentication support
SoupAuthDomain — Server-side authentication
SoupAuthDomainBasic — Server-side "Basic" authentication
SoupAuthDomainDigest — Server-side "Digest" authentication
SoupCache — Caching support
SoupCookie — HTTP Cookies
SoupMessage — An HTTP request and response.
SoupMessageHeaders — HTTP message headers
SoupMessageBody — HTTP message body
soup-method — HTTP method definitions
Soup Miscellaneous Utilities — Miscellaneous functions
SoupMultipart — multipart HTTP message bodies
SoupMultipartInputStream — Multipart input handling stream
SoupRequest — Protocol-independent streaming request interface
SoupRequestHTTP — SoupRequest support for "http" and "https" URIs
SoupRequestFile — SoupRequest support for "file" and "resource" URIs
SoupRequestData — SoupRequest support for "data" URIs
SoupServer — HTTP server
SoupServer deprecated API
SoupSession — Soup session state object
SoupSessionAsync — SoupSession for asynchronous (main-loop-based) I/O (deprecated).
SoupSessionSync — SoupSession for blocking I/O in multithreaded programs (deprecated).
soup-status — HTTP (and libsoup) status codes
Top Level Domain utils — Top-Level Domain Utilities
SoupURI — URIs
Version Information — Variables and functions to check the libsoup version
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