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Part I. GNOME Print Overview

GNOME Print is a C-based API that implements the Postscript imaging model. It is an actively developed project, and it is being used by various GNOME applications. There are two extensions to the Postscript imaging model supported by GNOME Print: Alpha channel support and anti-aliasing. GNOME Print includes a rasterizing engine that transforms the requests into bitmaps for native drivers. Various drivers are provided underneath this API, for instance, the current version of GNOME Print ships with:

  • Postscript driver.

  • PDF driver (needs to be ported to GNOME 2.0).

Table of Contents

Compiling the GNOME Print library — How to compile libgnomeprint
Compiling GNOME Print Applications — How to compile your GNOME Print application
Mailing lists and bug reports — Getting help with GNOME Print
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