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As some widgets do not implement properties for all required properties. This section documents some of the exceptions built into libglade's logic.

The following properties have custom handlers in libglade. Most of these will probably become real properties in GTK+ 2.2.

  • GtkWidget::visible is handled specially so that it gets applied after children have been added. This works around some sizing bugs in certain widgets (and is the same behaviour libglade-0.x had).

  • GtkWidget::tooltip implements tooltips for the widget. The property value is the tooltip to set on the widget.

  • GtkOptionMenu::history sets which menu item index in the list should be selected initially with gtk_option_menu_set_history().

  • GtkTextView::text offers an easy way to set the contents of a text view's buffer.

  • GtkCallendar::display_options sets display options of a calendar with gtk_calendar_display_options().

  • GtkRadioMenuItem::group sets the group for the radio item. The property value is the name of another widget in the group. This property won't handle forward references like the GtkRadioButton::group property.

  • GtkToolbar::tooltips sets whether the toolbar shows tooltips with gtk_toolbar_set_tooltips().

  • GtkStatusbar::has_resize_grip sets whether the status bar has a resize grip in the bottom corner with gtk_statusbar_set_has_resize_grip().

  • GtkRuler::metric sets the bounds and metric type for the ruler with gtk_ruler_set_metric().

  • GtkMenuItem::label, GtkMenuItem::use_underline and GtkMenuItem::use_stock are used to create a label inside a menu item, and set whether it has a mnemonic (underlined letter), and whether it should be a stock item (standardised, translated label and an icon, if it is a GtkImageMenuItem). These properties act similarly to the identically named GtkButton properties.

There are custom handlers for a number of deprecated widgets, and deprecated settings for some widgets. These most likely won't be converted to real properties in the future. These include:


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